Confidence and self esteem issues can affect all of us.  There are many different reasons for lack of confidence.  These can include past failures, or criticism from family members, authority figures or even acquaintances, while growing up, although in many cases we are our own worst critic.  We set standards and expectations for ourselves that we would not dream of putting on others.  The result is low confidence and this can affect people in a range of ways. Some withdraw totally from society, others function okay until something specific comes along like public speaking, exams or interacting with strangers or the opposite sex.


Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for change.  It can alter all those learned reactions, the ones that tell you that you can’t do something or you’re not deserving of success.  Think of one of the occasions where you have backed away from a situation, now think how different it would have been if your mind was telling you that “Yes I can do this and I can do it well”  



Everyone has experienced those feelings of being drawn towards something. Here are some typical everyday examples. You are walking down the street when suddenly you see something in a shop window that you simply have to buy.  You see someone in some context that you find attractive and you feel an urgent sense of wanting to know them better. Or it could be something as simple as really looking forward to a film or a TV program.  

Your mind and body has learned what it feels to be motivated, to feel 'drawn towards' something, we need to simply help you to learn to train yourself to aim the feelings of self motivation in worthwhile ways.  Typically, when I work with someone to boost or increase their levels of motivation, we use re-conditioning techniques from the fields of hypnotherapy and NLP to directly 'map' the feelings of desiring to do something (buy something, meet someone etc) and 'attach' these feelings to whatever worthwhile goals they have in mind.  These can be very varied and include, for example, starting a business, going to the gym, eating sensibly, doing your paperwork, studying for exams, making more sales, career motivation, meeting someone new and much more.


Self-confidence is the ability to believe in oneself and one's strengths and capabilities.  The absence of self-confidence can be destructive to a person's success. Negative self-perception can prevent one from taking control over the past and making actual progress toward controlling one's own future. 

Confidence and Motivation

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